Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Facebook post by a special client

This is a message by a special Sacred Embers client that was written on my Sacred Embers Facebook page:
"My heart and soul are blessed and comforted with the sincere unique attention that Carolyn Osborne has provided me as I continue this journey on life with out Shay Darlene Youngblood by my side. She has made it possible to include Shay in my daily life and to bring comfort to my soul just touching the pendant. She took the time to find just the right place to place Shay's ashes and Puppy's ashes in a very beautiful spot. Because she cares....she noticed a rock that glowed that she knew I had to have and sent it to me. Carolyn is in tune with each and every one of us."
When I receive words like these from my Sacred Embers clients it means more to me than I can possibly ever express adequately.

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