Friday, August 6, 2010

I started creating Sacred Embers one-of-a-kind Cremation Jewelry because people had asked me for years to do something with my fused glass and their ashes, I never did until I knew that my brother, David Osborne, was going to die and ultimately would have his ashes. At this point I knew that I had to do something very special to honor him. SACRED EMBERS WAS BORN! Creating Sacred Embers has been the most amazing journey for me. I have been able to watch people be healed right before my eyes. The peace given to my clients has also brought me peace. I feel that a part of my heart goes with each Sacred Embers, to include tears and the respect of the great honor people are giving me by allowing me to create Sacred Embers for them. I wanted to be a safe place for people to come with the ashes of their beloved person or pet and provide a beautiful one-of-a-kind remembrance for them to be treasured. So that they may hold their Sacred Embers with them always.

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