Sunday, October 10, 2010

Retired AirMan's Sacred Embers

I created these Sacred Embers for a woman and her mom.  The ashes were of her father, who was a retired AirMan from the United States AirForce.  Below is the message that she sent me:  

"Today I picked up Sacred Embers of my dad - one for my mom and one for myself. They are beautiful. My father passed away 8 years ago (yesterday) and now I have a piece of him to keep with me forever. When I first met Carolyn (through the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce) I knew I wanted to have a Sacred Ember created, b...ut wasn't sure how my mom would feel about wanting some of my dad's ashes. I finally asked and when she found out what I wanted to do, she decided to have one made for herself as well. Thank you Carolyn - you are special woman and I am very glad I met you.

Susan Aaron"

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